Scottish Government Accelerator Program (August-December 2019)

This was a Scottish Government collaborative project aimed at mentoring George Mitchell (Assistant Economist at The Scottish Government) to clean and join financial tax data from a variety of sources, and then display it interactively using a Shiny app.

DataFest Social Network Analysis (May-August 2019)

This project is part of The Data Lab’s industry placement program, where a data science MSc student will carry out supervised research as part of an internship with an organisation. For this project, I managed Jack Tacchi’s work on dynamic social networks, to see whether changes over time in a particular Twitter network may be related to KPIs such as ticket sales for events.

Scottish Government Accelerator Program (April-September 2018)

This was a Scottish Government collaborative project, open to employees of the Scottish Government who sought to improve their data skills. I mentored one of the applicants as part of this initiative - Maite Thrower (Senior Analyst from Public Health Intelligence, ISD within NHS / National Services Scotland), and supervised her while learning to create interactive visualisations of medical data. You can read more about this project here.

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