About me



I am a data & research enthusiast working as Data Scientist at Tesco Bank, following a few years of work as Data Scientist at The Data Lab Innovation Centre.

I am widely interested in data analysis, visualisation and manipulation - which I’ve applied across a variety of domains: national health data, occupational therapy, transport, data for good, tourism, and KPI monitoring/internal strategic planning.

My academic background is in psychology, emotion and research methods. I have completed my PhD at The University of Edinburgh, investigating if various emotion-generating stimuli used in lab settings could approximate emotional states occurring in daily life (as measured using a bespoke Android phone app). As part of my doctoral research, I also tested if model-based cluster analysis can serve as a computational model for how humans create (fuzzy) emotional categories.

Lastly, I have also been heavily involved with community events in the area of data science: I have organised DataTech19 and planned DataTech20; I have also organised the Edinburgh R meetup (EdinbR) for several years.


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