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Conference presentations & invited talks

DateTitle / TopicGroupEventVideoSlides
2022-10Journey through a landscape of options: Choosing among web app frameworks for your projectJumpingRivers / Shiny in ProductionConference-Slides
2021-01Speeding up your Shiny AppNorth East Data ScientistsMeetup--
2020-10Data Validation in R: From Principles to Tools and PackagesNew York Open Statistical Programming MeetupMeetupYouTubeLink
2020-07A beginner’s guide to web scraping in PythonPyData Edinburgh MeetupMeetup-Link
2019-11Putting the science back in data science: Best practices for data collection & cleaningStatistics group within Stirling University---
2019-09Using Data science for good (Using mixed models to assess the impact generated by a charity working with families in need)Advice Direct Scotland---
2019-09Exploring transport routes and journey characteristics using R ShinyFOSS4G ConferenceLink--
2019-06Adjusting reviewer scores for a fairer assessment via multi-faceted Rasch modellinguseR! conferenceLink-Link
2019-05Generalised Additive Models applied to tourism dataNewcastle Upon Tyne Data Science MeetupMeetup-Link

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