About me



I am a data & research enthusiast working as data scientist at The Data Lab, with a background in psychology, emotion and research methods. I’ve recently completed my PhD at The University of Edinburgh, investigating whether various emotion-generating research stimuli (e.g., images, film clips, and virtual environments) can provide biased results, and whether any of them can bridge the gap between lab testing conditions and emotional states that occur in naturalistic, daily life settings. For this parallel to be possible, I collected “real life” data using a custom Android phone app, as part of an experience sampling study. I also investigated whether model-based cluster analysis can serve as a computational model for how humans create fuzzy categories of emotional information.

I started using R since my MSc studies, and continued to do so throughout my doctoral training. So overall, I’ve accumulated over 5 years’ experience working in R, during which time I was involved in additional projects involving NHS data, scale development in the area of occupational therapy, and transport data from a local Scottish council.

I am mostly an R user and I organise the EdinbR meetup - a group that brings together members of industry and academia to discuss R-related matters every month. However, I have also used Python and JavaScript (for programming experiments), and will hopefully venture further in that direction here.


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